Canapé Reception

Award winning canapé caterer

We pride ourselves in our ability to showcase visually stimulating canapés that play with bold colours, intriguing textures and daring plating design. For intricate canapés made by hand, using the most sensational and rare ingredients, TopHat is the only company to consult for your party.

Suggested Canape menu

  • Crispy chicken skin with smoked chicken, fig & pear jam with edible flowers
  • Pigs on toast -picked braised pig trotters, olive croute, aged balsamic & parmesan
  • Coriander & tempura prawns with lime & mirin dip
  • Truffled goats cheese in sesame cones with enochi mushrooms
  • Pickled cucumber boats with hot smoked salmon & salmon tartar
  • Quail eggs with celery salt & black sesame seeds
  • Beef tartar on sourdough with quail egg
  • Asian cured salmon with pickled mouli, white crab, shallots & coriander
Asian Cured Salmon Canapé

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