Particularly partial to…

Via thesugarhit

Via thesugarhit

Each week, we spend hours looking at tasty recipes and cooking up a storm in the Top Hat kitchens.

But, we don’t always have time to take photos of our creations before our hungry clients devour them, so we thought at the very least we could share some of the amazing recipes and blogs we’ve been partial to each week.

This week, we’ve been particularly partial to…

This fraudulently easy sourdough… where have you been all our lives?

This salted caramel and chocolate tart – we need this in our lives – EVERYDAY!

This collection of roasted Moroccan carrots  – sweet and spicy, just how we like our vegetables.

This collection of open sandwiches – cos why hide away the good stuff?

This breakfast root cake – cake… for… breakfast? Hell yeah!

This roasted beetroot and fig salad – super simple but scrummy.

This pumpkin spiced doughnut recipe  – what’s not to love?

This Caribbean jerk salmon bowl with mango salsa – brightens up any drizzly day.

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