Particularly partial to… foods to fight colds

Winter = chunky knit scarves, guilt free hot chocolate and *sniff sniff* that’s right… the dreaded winter cold.

We know, you’re doing really well avoiding it, but sooner or later you’re bound to get stuck in a meeting with Brian and his snuffly nose.

But, help is at hand. We’ve compiled a list of the best foods to help you fight colds for those cold winters. And because we’re nice, we’ve found some delicious recipes to cook up with each ingredient.
restaurant style dal tadkaVia vegerecipiesofindia


Garlic and Turmeric -we can’t get enough of this delicious dhal 

Elderberries   – warming and full of goodness, and super high in Vitamin C

Almonds – packed with goodness, these little wonders help build up your immune system – especially good when eaten with fish for the added Omega 3 hit.

Strawberries Apparently great for fighting a cold, so why not be a little naughty and serve them up with this delicious french toast 

Citrus – packing a vitamin C punch, plenty of oranges and lemons are the order of the season  – try this yummy citrus chicken and quinoa salad for lunch

Mushrooms – help you fight off infection and support your immune system. Snuggle down with this comforting mushroom stroganoff 

And if all that fails, brew up some of our delicious spiced hot chocolate and enjoy a day snuggled under a blanket with your feet up.

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