For one night only TopHat threw caution to the wind for a highly rebellious event hosted by A+E networks UK and created by Rita Ruparelia and Laura Hatton. Celebrating the launch of Britain’s Next Top Model Series 2 airing on the Lifetime channel, hearts seized and all were held in suspense as the model contestants paraded the scaffolding built catwalk, set in the former beautiful Victorian warehouse, Village Underground.

BNTM 4.jpg


The blank canvas atrium was transformed in all its glory by production company Light Motif, with formidable lighting and dramatic staging. Guests not only held their breaths at the beauties center stage; there were many animated reactions to the ironically inverted canapés offered by TopHat.

BNTM 2.jpg


Briefed with ‘RIOT’ as the theme, TopHat’s head chef created a controversially daring menu for Britain’s Next Top Model. Of the canapés presented on the radical menu, the ‘Ferrero Rocher’ made with chicken liver parfait, cherry and chocolate gel and toasted hazelnuts left the greatest impression that night. Another special mention must be made for the ‘Oreo’ cookie baked with squid ink, oyster emulsion and preserve lemon. The confusion and delight was enough to start intriguing conversations under the ten meter high glass panelled ceiling in the heart of Shoreditch.

BNTM 1.jpg